Zhongwei Liu O.M.D., A.P.

Dr. Liu is a licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida. A graduate from Tongji Medical University and Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. He has more than forty years experience on Chinese Acupuncture and herbs .He has also been a Medical Doctor in China as well as director, professor and doctor.

Dr. Liu is a medical educator who teaches at local institutes and is actively engaged in writing a definitive English language herbal textbook.

Dr. Liu is the recipient of the Li Shih-Chen award (HongKong, 1993), for his herbal research on the treatment of Diabetes. Dr. Liu was honored with the Gold Cup Award at the First (1994) and second (1995) World Traditional Medicine Conference held in Nevada. Dr. Liu was also honored with 1996 International Award Conference for TCM, Taiwan

Wanzhong Jiang O.M.D., Herbalist

Dr. Jiang was graduated from the department of herbal medicine of Wuhan Second Medical College in 1962, and developed her medical training in Shanghai Medical University and Hubei College of TCM. Before she immigrated to America, Dr. Jiang was already a professor and herbalist in the department of herbal medicine in Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Jiang kept working on the research and development of drugs, herb formulas, pharmacology and new medications. A lot of medicinal thesis, which contained her research achievements and clinic experiences, were published in Chinese famous journals. Plenty of her new ideas and herb formulas were developed for the treatment of different diseases, such as Diabetes, Cancers, AIDS and senior chronic diseases.

In Liu’s Acupuncture Center, Dr. Jiang supervises the pharmacy and contributes her whole intelligence and experience to make up the herb formulas for the patients so that we can serve our customers in our best.